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Dr. Schaumleffel, our Senior Consultant, presented a career development session on advanced credentialing for nonprofit careers at the 2016 Nonprofit Leadership Alliance - Alliance Management Institute in Houston, Texas.


Lion's Lead Leadership Assessments & Coaching

"Dr. Nathan is an expert in his field and is able to provide valuable knowledge that would otherwise take hours to find.  He is very generous in sharing his experience in order to help other organizations succeed.  Philanthropic endeavors can be somewhat overwhelming but he helps you weed through the many opportunities to help find what makes the most sense for your particular situation.  I look forward to working with him more in the future!" 

-Ali Mullen, M.B.A., Executive Director, Frankfort Education Foundation, Frankfort, Indiana

Professional Coaching Services

for individuals who desire executive or board member coaching, leadership assessment & advising, as well as career development & higher education coaching.

Professional Coaching is individual, one-on-one executive coaching, leadership assessment, capacity-building, career coaching, advising, and troubleshooting for executives, board members, staff members, and/or volunteers of nonprofit and public sector organizations.  Our proprietor and senior consultant is an accomplished collegiate academic advisor and is a certified Advisor for Lion's Lead Leadership Assessments.

Consider Shana Ritter's experience with Driven Strategic's Professional Coaching Services as Executive Director of the Foundation for Autism Resources:

"Nathan turned my head around - and I mean that in the most positive of ways. Foundation for Autism Resources is a new nonprofit and I am a new executive director. I came to the field with a lot of experience in programming, outreach, research, and teaching, but little in fund development. In the months I’ve worked with Nathan my understanding of fundraising has exploded. The result: I am developing an infrastructure based on solid research and approaches that make sense to me and I have been able to explain the strategies to my board. From feeling like I was running in multiple directions to get needed funding, I now feel like I am consciously laying a foundation for the future of my foundation. I highly recommend working with Dr. Schaumleffel he has all the theory and research at his fingertips, but more he has an understanding of the real needs of a small foundation and infuses vision with practice at every step."

Shondra Barrett, CNP, Executive Director of the Clay County (Indiana) Chamber of Commerce added:

"Some people live their entire life hoping they will make a difference or make an impact in their community and world. Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel has not only made an impact in his community but also in the lives of many students and others that will go on to help their communities. Abraham Lincoln once said 'I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.' Dr. Schaumleffel has made an impact in my life and many others. He is passionate to get to know you and your vision to ensure his guidance is the best path for you."

Coaching sessions can take a variety of formats and locations, including but not limited to organizational site visits, off-site meetings, phone calls, Skype meetings, e-mail, and social media communication.

Payment can be made by the individual or organization that the client is affiliated with. Pre-paid session fees must be used within 6 calendar months from date of payment. At time of payment, a tentative schedule of pre-paid time use, meeting locations, and meeting formats will be negotiated between client and consultant. Changes to this schedule are allowable with reasonable notice and request. Payment can be made by institutional check or by individual or organization credit or debit card.