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“As the Executive Director of the Montgomery Parks Foundation, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much we value our membership in the National Association of Park Foundations (NAPF). In particular, my monthly conversations with Membership Service Consultant Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel have been instrumental in assisting us as we work through some of the thorniest issues that arise in our efforts to support Montgomery Parks. I would highly recommend membership in the NAPF to all those organizations that raise money for local and regional parks." 

-Michael Nardolilli, Executive Director, Montgomery County Park Foundation, Silver Spring, Maryland


Driven Strategic's Red Cabbage Publishing Division produces & copyrights books and training materials.

"Services provided during the re-enactment of 'The Battle of Sutherland's Hill' by Dr. Schaumleffel and his staff were very professional. Analyzed data collected during the re-enactment was available immediately and could be used for future event planning. Contact Dr. Schaumleffel for assistance if you want to make your park 's event the best it can be."

-A. Ross Leigh, Jr., Executive Director, Daviess County Parks & Recreation, Owensboro, Kentucky

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for nonprofit and public boards, committees, staff, and volunteers, & service-learning faculty onsite and online via webinars and online courses.

for individuals who desire executive or board member coaching, as well as career development & higher education coaching.

“Dr. Schaumleffel knows that the business of recreation services is complex and demanding at every level.  For our project on budgeting, capacity building, and Board Development he helped analyze complex problems and find solutions in the best spirit of both teacher and business consultant.  His knowledge, ready availability, attention to detail, and personal approach made working with his team a valuable experience.  Punctual, prepared, well planned and presented, he is a great resource to our profession.”

-Randy Osborn, Executive Director, Boys & Girls Club of Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois