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Driven Strategic LLC prides itself on its flagship service of mission-focused consulting.  We provide management and leadership consulting for a wide array of nonprofit, public, and private sector organizations.  We specialize in consulting for nonprofit and public organizations; parks & recreation departments and districts; park foundations & friends groups; youth, human, & social services; and university engagement. 

To learn more about our specific consulting services, please visit one of our consulting divisions:

Consulting services range from full-service where we complete an entire project or provide a service for you to simply providing recommendations and advice. Consulting sessions can take a variety of formats and locations, including but not limited to organizational site visits, off-site meetings, phone calls, Skype meetings, e-mail and social media communication.
Potential clients receive a complimentary 30-minute listening session before requiring payment, which can be conducted by Skype or phone. 

Schedule a complimentary initial consultation! 

"Dr. Schaumleffel and his team brought a wealth of experience to our project. Their vision and technical skills far surpassed our original expectations in developing an online training course."

-M. Douglas Sanders, MS, CPRP, former General Manager, Sagamore Publishing, L.L.C., Champaign, Illinois

specializing in nonprofit organizations; 

parks & recreation; park 

foundations & friends groups;

youth, human, and social services.

If your organization is not ready for consulting services at this time, consider our professional development online courses and webinars.

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specializing in faculty, student, and university engagement, specifically in the area of guiding faculty on the development of their community engagement and service-learning agendas 


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