"Working with

Dr. Schaumleffel, we were able to craft a strategic plan and business case for the Center for Early Learning at Purdue University North West.  He challenged me to think more broadly and used a forward-thinking approach to establish a strong mission that now drives all of the work of the Center. Overall, a great experience!"

-Dr. Mary Jane Eisenhauer, Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education & Director of the Center for Early Learning, Purdue University Northwest

In 2020, Dr. Schaumleffel planned to replicate and enhance the strategic partnership with the Terre Haute Children's Museum and the Crossroads of America Council, BSA.  However, the COVID-19 pandemic moved the university to 100% virtual classrooms with all community-based agencies closed and all face-to-face Scouting programming paused. Amidst the pandemic, Dr. Schaumleffel moved the annual community engagement and service-learning program development project online with the Scouting-At-Home movement.

His engaged scholarship with Special Olympics Indiana has resulted in scholarly work published in the Journal of Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance and in Schole: A Journal for Leisure Studies and Recreation Education.  He has published other engaged scholarship on learning community partnerships related to recreation and youth work in public housing and promoting civic engagement in higher education. His engaged scholarship was recently recognized with Dr. Schaumleffel being awarded the 2018 Terre Haute Disability Awareness Recognition Award by the Disability Awareness Work Group (DAWG) and recognized as a nominee for Indiana State University - Residential Life's inaugural Professing Excellence and Inspiring Instruction.

Our university engagement consulting includes the following areas:

  • Developing faculty agendas (personal-professional strategic plans) for community engagement and service-learning that enhances teaching, scholarship, and service
  • Nesting your faculty agenda for community engagement and service-learning within program, department, college, and university strategic goals, objectives, outputs, outcomes, benchmarks, and performance measures
  • Developing branded public images for faculty members' engaged work using strategic planning, new media, public relations, media relations, and strategic partnerships
  • Developing mutually beneficial university-community partnerships through intentional Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs)
  • Developing campus partnerships to enhance your engaged scholarship with communications and marketing, technology, legal counsel, risk management, among other campus units
  • Developing financial resources for engaged scholarship through fundraising with university foundations and institutional advancement  & grant proposal preparation with offices of sponsored programs
  • Developing campus, community, alumni, and disciplinary-based advisory committees for curricular, co-curricular, and community engagement
  • Developing e-service-learning and extreme e-service-learning projects via hybrid and distance education courses
  • Assessing community engagement and service-learning outcomes
  • Designing instructional strategies for service engagement including backward design, flipped classrooms, and utilizing open educational resources (OER)
  • Developing student volunteer management & evaluation policies and programs

Consulting can be full-service where we complete an entire project or provide a service for you to simply providing recommendations and advice. Consulting sessions can take a variety of formats and locations, including but not limited to campus site visits, off-site meetings (at conferences), phone calls, Skype meetings, e-mail and social media communication.

Driven Strategic can deliver services on-site at your institution of higher education, at regional training sites, and/or online through Web 2.0 technology. 

If your college or university is not ready for consulting services at this time, consider our professional development online courses and webinars.

specializing in faculty, student, and university engagement, specifically in the area of guiding faculty on the development of their community engagement and service-learning agendas 

CVA Certification Process

Potential clients receive a complimentary 30-minute listening session before requiring payment, which can be conducted by Skype or phone. 

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Service-Learning Like It Oughta Be!

Driven Strategic's proprietor & senior consultant has built a nationally award-winning Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program that is grounded in community engagement & service-learning over the last 13 years!  Click play to watch for FREE!

Driven Strategic LLC prides itself on its flagship service, mission-focused consulting for faculty, student, and university engagement.  We specialize in guiding faculty on the development of their community engagement and service-learning agendas (what we call service engagement) in a way that strategically integrates the faculty roles of teaching, scholarship, service, and resource development into a coordinated agenda that supports each other in a symbiotic way.

We teach and guide engaged faculty on branding their service engagement agendas with new media, particularly using web sites, social media, online public relations, and external media relations, giving a faculty members' daily efforts a summative public image to illustrate impact.

We believe engaged faculty need to work smart and use their limited time wisely!  We stress work-life balance and giving equal importance to other life roles, such as spouse, partner, mother, and father.  We believe faculty need to prioritize their own physical, mental, and social wellness to be effective educators across their academic careers.

Our proprietor and senior consultant, Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel, is uniquely qualified as a successful engaged scholar and a nationally-recognized nonprofit management expert.  He served as Senior Faculty Fellow for Indiana Campus Compact where he coordinated the annual service-learning faculty fellows program, and mentored and coached faculty fellows for improving their community engagement and service-learning initiatives in ways that:

  • improve student and peer teaching evaluations
  • produces scholarly products within Boyer's Model of Scholarship (especially in the areas of the Scholarship of Application/Engagement and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)
  • facilitates faculty and student service in the local and online communities

Learn more about our proprietor & senior consultant's work as Senior Faculty Fellow coordinating the Service Engagement Faculty Fellows Program for Indiana Campus Compact.

Dr. Schaumleffel's rich experiences with Indiana Campus Compact guide his service engagement practice and informs his community engagement and service-learning consulting for institutions of higher education and for faculty professional development. 

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Amazon: Cooperate - A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

"I have known Nathan

for several years professionally and know him to be an outstanding nonprofit professional of the highest character. He is a man you can count on to perform as promised."

-John Bearrie, former Director of Campus Expansion, Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, Kansas City, MO 

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Driven Strategic's proprietor & senior consultant has built nationally award-winning college & community partnershipsClick to listen to his latest radio show for free!



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Our faculty, student, and university engagement consulting is based on  Cooperate: Advancing Your Nonprofit Organization's Mission Through College & Community Partnerships: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders. Our proprietor & senior consultant, Dr. Schaumleffel, was the lead author and editor of this book.  Cooperate is essentially a book on strategic service engagement partnerships and student volunteer management.  Dr. Schaumleffel is a Certified Volunteer Administrator (CVA) where he has uniquely infused his teaching philosophy with his volunteer management strategies.

Consulting and coaching are also based on research he co-produced and practices called Serve at Your Own Risk as published in the Journal of Community Engagement and HIgher Education.

Dr. Schaumleffel's strategies for community engagement have resulted in scores of mutually-beneficial strategic university-community partnerships, such as his latest successful strategic partnership for university engagement with a state university and a local YMCA.

In 2019, Dr. Schaumleffel again replicated the principles in his book through a unique strategic partnership with the Terre Haute Children's Museum and the Wabash Valley District of the Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America.  This community engagement and service-learning project focused on outcome-based youth development programs for Cub Scouts to explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) as they earned their BSA Nova Awards. The highlight of this five program series was a final event that included the Cub Scout Space Derby and the opportunity to learn from and ask questions with Dr. Sandra Magnus, NASA Astronaut who flew multiple Space Shuttle missions including the last flight of the Atlantis and lived on the International Space Station.