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So Your Local Park Foundation Needs a Strong Individual Giving Campaign!

Driven Strategic trained over 100 park foundation and friends groups staff members, board members, and volunteers in annual fundraising via this online webinar in March 2017 for the National Association of Park Foundations. Click play to watch for FREE!


Did You Say Service-Learning Online?

Driven Strategic trained college and university faculty members from around the United States on online community engagement and service-learning in February 2016 for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. Click play to watch for FREE!

Nonprofit Executive Succession Planning!

Enjoy this FREE webinar presented in partnership with 501(c) Services in July 2019! Nonprofit CEO & senior staff succession planning is about employee retention and employee retention is ultimately about organizational culture! Culture ALWAYS trumps strategy!

for nonprofit and public boards, committees, staff, and volunteers, & service-learning faculty.

Driven Strategic offers webinars for nonprofit and public boards, committees, staff, volunteers, and program leaders & service-learning faculty.

Enjoy our latest FREE WEBINAR - Strategies for Nonprofit Executive Succession Planning!

Service-Learning Like It Oughta Be!

Driven Strategic's proprietor & senior consultant has built a nationally award-winning Nonprofit Leadership Alliance program that is grounded in community engagement & service-learning over the last 14 years!  Click play to watch for FREE!

Nonprofit Leadership Like It Oughta Be!

Enjoy this FREE webinar for nonprofit leaders and service-learning faculty!  The webinar was presented by Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel in August 2017.

LinkedIN: Dr. Nathan A. Schaumleffel
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