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Driven Strategic's latest article was the feature article in the special issue of Illinois Parks & Recreation​ on Foundations and Fundraising

Red Cabbage Publishing, a Division of Driven Strategic LLC, is currently producing a book on developing park foundations & friends groups with content similar to the National Association of Park Foundation's Cornerstone Blog with @drschaumleffel in the format, feel, and layout of Dr. Schaumleffel's Cooperate: Advancing Your Nonprofit Organization's Mission Through College and Community Partnerships: A Guide for Nonprofit Leaders

DOWNLOAD FREE E-BOOK: Leading the Way: Autism-Friendly Youth Organization Guide - Driven Strategic's Dr. Schaumleffel spearheaded the development of this book published by Autism Speaks titled Leading the Way: Autism-Friendly Youth Organizations.  It is intended to guide youth work professionals to develop autism-friendly policies and program leader training.

Driven Strategic's Red Cabbage Publishing Division produces & copyrights books and training materials, as well as promotes our consultants' work published by other organizations.

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Consider buying a copy of Cooperate to advance your nonprofit organization's mission through college & community pasrtnerships! All proceeds go to Indiana Campus Compact, a nonprofit organization.

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