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@drivenstrategic is busy training colleges and nonprofit organizations how to create WIN-WIN-WIN strategic partnerships!

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If you are a youth-serving nonprofit in Indiana, you may be eligible to receive a special rate through our partnership with the Indiana Youth Institute.


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Enjoy the 2021 Speaker Series we developed for the National Association of Park Foundations! Next FREE webinar is coming up fast...register now!

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Read @drschaumleffel's special issue feature article on setting your park foundation's cornerstone, the board of directors. 

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@drschaumleffel continues to serve as Vice Chair for Program Support for the Boy Scouts of America's National Special Needs and Disabilities Committee where he contributed to the planning of The Zia Experience: An Adaptive Philmont Adventure for Scouts with Special Needs and Disabilities!

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for individuals who desire executive or board member coaching, leadership assessment & advising, as well as career development & higher education coaching.

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are literary award-winning authors! Consider buying a copy of Cooperate to advance your nonprofit organization's mission! 


Dr. Schaumleffel and his team of innovative problem-solvers and experts hold Ph.D.'s and have scores of years of hands-on professional experience in their fields.

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Read @drschaumleffel's feature article on annual fundraising for park foundations & friends groups. 

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@drivenstrategic has been developing and delivering education and training products for the National Association of Park Foundations, the Public Lands Alliance, the Park Foundation School, & the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association! Read @drschaumleffel's latest article on park foundation bylaws

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@drivenstrategic has been working with 501(c) Agencies Trust to explore the issue of succession planning! Nonprofit CEO & senior staff succession planning is about employee retention and employee retention is ultimately about organizational culture! Culture ALWAYS trumps strategy! Read Part I, Part II, and Part III of our 3 -part article series and watch our webinar!

Driven Strategic's Red Cabbage Publishing Division produces & copyrights books and training materials.

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“I want to take a moment to personally thank Dr. Nathan for his hard work as he takes CASA kids to the next level by disseminating his incredible knowledge and experience on our program. I have learned so much and I am so appreciative of his patience and his help. I feel fortunate to have had what is essentially a mini grad course with him. Thanks Dr. Nathan!" 

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@drivenstrategic values Indiana's state parks & nature preserves and the dedicated volunteers who contribute to the Friends of each state park property! 

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@drivenstrategic has been busy developing Leaderosity's Effective Staff Supervision in Nonprofit Organizations online course! Register NOW!

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@drivenstrategic has partnered with Ray Hoskins & Associates to serve as a certified Advisor for Lion's Lead Leadership Assessments.